Some people just do NOT want summer to be over. And sadly for most mortals, that means sucking it up and trading in your sandals for sneakers even though you’d rather let your toes be wild and free. But not for Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Rather than have heavier layers take over their wardrobes as soon as the season turns, the entrepreneurial sisters found an impressively creative way to keep the warm-weather vibes alive with their brand-new clothing line. That means YOU get to reap the benefits, too.

For their collaboration with PacSun, the two youngest in the Kardashian klan completely rewrote the rules for what a fall collection should look like. Floor-length kimonos, off-the-shoulder blouses and crop tops — lots of crop tops — comprise the line that feels more made-for Coachella than classroom-bound. If that’s not enough, the playful prints will convince you that summer is not close to being over with breezy florals and vibrant tribal patterns taking plaid’s usual place.

Just don’t think these Cali-infused styles won’t work for you (or your h.s.-aged kiddos) if you’re back-to-school setting won’t be soaked by the sun. They’re actually the perfect pieces to wear under a light moto jacket on those first not-quite cold days, or even on their own during that weird-weather period when the temps crank up to summer highs in September. Plus, a handful of designs like high-rise flare pants and wool fedoras will transition easily from the heat of the festival grounds into the thick chill of fall — a fun surprise we’ll gladly take advantage of. So party on, Kylie! Party on, Kendall!

What are your favorite desert-inspired pieces from K+K’s collection? How would you style these pieces to wear this fall? Tell us in the comments below.