CES 2016 wowed us with demonstrations of crazy cool tech: everything from kinda weird devices to life-changing and trendsetting items. We were especially impressed with anything that promised to make our lives better, in a more practical way. (Sorry, hoverboards, we’re not talking about you!). That’s why this new baby tech from the #girlbosses of Project Nursery caught our eye. Project Nursery’s new baby monitor system is so innovative, we’re betting parents will be dying to get their hands on it.


The Project Nursery Baby Monitor has all the features of other sophisticated and tech-y baby monitor systems, including cameras and two-way communication. The monitor lets you check on the temperature of your baby’s room or send them a lullaby, and it even has a selfie mode.


But what sets the Project Nursery Monitor apart is how small it is: a one-and-a-half-inch screen on a five-inch device. It’s the smallest baby monitoring system ever. It’s so tiny, it fits in the palm of your hand. The monitor comes with a wristband, lanyard and clip, so you can tote it around on your keychain or clip it to your wrist. While other monitors offer belt clips to tote them around, their size makes them much more cumbersome.

While the monitor isn’t available just yet, Project Nursery will be selecting 100 Project Nursery readers to test out the new monitor and give feedback. You can sign up here to become a beta tester and welcome this tiny tech into your home.

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