Tomorrow is the last day of CES 2016, and we’re feeling a little nostalgic about all the good times we’ve had exploring the massiveness that is the Consumer Electronics Show. We’ve seen some cool future tech products that are totally going to change our lives as we know it, Samsung’s genius new fridge that is going to connect your home like never before and even the latest tech news for Girl Scouts (and their cookies ;). We also got to personally try out some crazy cool — and at times, just plain crazy — tech at the show. Here are our top five.


1. Hairmax Laserband 82 ($795): The Hairmax Laserband 82 is one of the pieces of tech that fell squarely into the domain of weird… but intriguing. The hairband comes with “82 medical grade lasers and patented hair parting teeth” which then allows for “maximum laser light delivery to your follicles.” The goal is to regrow hair — whether it actually works or not is anyone’s guess.


2. Arcimoto Electric Motorcycle ($11,900): The Arcimoto Electric Motorcycle is what the company envisions to be all you really need need to get around — plus, being all electric, it’s eco-friendly as well. The “bike” holds two people, gives you up to 70 miles on a single charge (or 130 with a larger battery) and you can customize it to have doors (or not) and even choose whether you’d like to add in a trunk. We didn’t exactly get to ride this thing around considering we were indoors in a hotel, but we can imagine how much fun getting in one of these would be.


3. VirZOOM Bike ($249): This bike is insanely cool in that it allows you to work out without ever feeling like you’re actually working out. YAAAAS. We’ve been waiting for this. The VirZOOM bike can link up to any of the major VR headsets on the market right now, and buying a membership with VirZOOM will give you access to a bunch of games like NASCAR racing, chasing down outlaws in the Wild West and even flying on a winged horse. No matter how dopey you might look, this is pretty freakin’ cool for those of us who aren’t crazy gym rats.


4. Buddy the Robot ($649): Here was the cutest robot we had the pleasure of meeting at CES 2016. Buddy is engineered by a French tech team and he was funded by Indiegogo. He was so popular on Indiegogo, he exceeded his $100,000 goal by 616 percent. WOAH. Buddy is a companion robot that can patrol your house when you’re out, answer phone calls and even video chat with your friends and family.


The most adorable part is probably the fact that Buddy has a whole range of emotions that will make you go aww.


5. Intel’s giant statues: Okay, this one is just plain creepy. You can easily spot Intel’s booth located in the Las Vegas Conference Center because it was decked out with gigantic human statues like this one. These guys easily stood more than 15 feet tall, but what was particularly cool (creepy?) was that you could snap a photo of your face and have it projected onto the statue’s head. Yup, my face was on there looking over the entire CES crowd for like a solid two minutes. Pretty scary stuff.

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