As much as we try and escape them, the Kardashian family always finds a way to catch our attention. While their antics typically leave us with an eye roll or two — we’re looking at you Selfish by Kim Kardashian — they are Brit Girls at heart with their party hostessing skills, love of all things holiday and, hey, they are app creators and tech, um, innovators. Since the family knows how to capitalize on what’s working, Khloe teased on Instagram that she is joining her big sis with her own app.


Khloe’s post was a super tease, as all she captioned the shot with was, “Can’t wait to share the app that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months… stay tuned!!!!” Since she didn’t share a whole lot about the upcoming download — What’s the name? Who’s the developer? What’s it about? — we took matters into our own smartphone-holding hands to brainstorm a few paths that Khloe app could go in.


1. Kalisthenics With Khloe: The younger sister of Kourtney + Kim loves to workout and show off her process (and the results). So, how fitting would it be if she released her own version of P90X for all the gals wanting the fit + curvy look of this lady? If she incorporated workout and meal plans all in one, she could hit a health and fitness app home run.


2. Beauty Klass With Khloe: The Kardashian sister loves to sprinkle her nail art, beauty products and fashion moments throughout her feed. Imagine if she created an app that was a hub for all the products she uses (with insider info), the outfits she wears (with cheaper, GTL options) and tutorials on getting your fingers looking flawless. We’d probably be guilty of scanning that every day, as long as it wasn’t overflowing with Kardashian product placements ;)


3. Khloe’s Kodak Kamera: Though this Kardashian isn’t the one famous for selfies, she does love to post ’em. We could totally see an app based around selfie tips and tools to improve your front-facing camera shots topping the charts instantly. We can see the first tip now: Contour your nose, purse your lips + tilt your head (and maybe grab North, Mason, Penelope + Reign for some extra cuteness).


While it doesn’t appear that Khloe is going the game route like Kim did, there is another one of those coming soon from the omnipresent family. Recently Khloe’s younger sisters, Kylie + Kendall announced their own mobile game that’s sure to be filled with adventures in fashion + beauty. Is a Kardashian family phone not too far down the line?

Would you download a Khloe Kardashian app? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Frazer Harrison/Getty + @khloekardashian)