If you are in the San Francisco area today, are in love AND that person wants to spend the rest of their life with you, there’s an app that could hook you up with an all-expenses paid wedding and honeymoon. Wow, right? Well, for the rest of us… here are five apps that could still do a lot for us, too!!

1. SaveUp: This is an app that applauds you for saving money… in a very cool and unusual way… with more money! Or at least the chance to snag more moola. Link it up to your financial accounts and get rewarded with credits every time you make a smart $$ decision or deposit some dough. Then you can use those credits to play the site’s monthly jackpot. Bonus quizzes about your personal finances (like, how much cash went to your Starbucks habit this month) are fun ways to keep you accountable — ‘cause you can share them with your better-at-budgeting buds.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

2. Whyd: If your ideal jam session is spent surfing SoundCloud for the best mixes from your favorite DJ, this app, described as “everyone’s music playlist,” will be your go-to for collecting and streaming your favorite songs all in one place. It pulls tunes from anywhere you listen to music: YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo and beyond. Then it lets you share what’s in your headphones in a social network stream of friends and fellow music lovers. This is the tune sharing app that spinderellas like Pitch Perfect’s Beca would have on her phone, which means it is for cool people.

Cost: Free for iOS

3. LinkedIn Job Search: Besides networking, you’re probably already using LinkedIn to scour the web for jobs (and if you’re not, job seekers, you should get on it!) and other opportunities. The new spinoff app from the career site lets you look through jobs and apply for them using your LinkedIn profile and just a tap or two. Get pinged with new job recommendations as they pop up and do it all privately, without your network (and possibly your boss) knowing you’re looking for a new gig.

Cost: Free for iOS

4 Overswipe: We tip you off to a lot of new photo apps, but this week’s is different. It focuses on your photo sharing habits — and not the kind that involve social media. In fact, Overswipe helps you not to overshare when you hand someone your phone to show off pics from your camera roll. Now you can open the app, select the pics you want to show them and let them swipe through those without stumbling upon others that may be for your eyes only. This app is especially great when your work and personal lives mingle on one smartphone.

Cost: Free for iOS

5. Zappos for Windows Phone: We want to give our non-iPhone and Android peops out there some love. And some shoes, so if you’re a Windows Phone user, check out Zappos new native app just for y’all! (And if you’re one of those *other* smartphone users who are now, like, Wait, a Zappos app!?! I want! Download for iOS and Android!)

Cost: Free for Windows Phone

BONUS:Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: We couldn’t NOT mention Kim Kardashian‘s new app. Lol, that would be downright kray of us. Before you say you don’t believe us, wait ’til you hear what the app is all about. It’s actually a game that lets you live the Kim K life, by partying, playing up your socialite status, cutting VIP lines and dating fellow X-listers. See? Totally believable that this is in fact Kim Kardashian’s premiere app. Fashionista played it so you (and we) don’t have to, please read their first person account.

Cost: Free for iOS

What was your favorite app download of the week? Have you been downloading any of the apps from our Saturday series? If so, share which ones below!