With Halloween coming up, it鈥檚 time to start brainstorming some ideas on how dress up your little one(s). Instead of trying to get your kiddo into the most punny costume on the block, why not stick with some Disney inspiration they will know and love? From Big Hero 6 to Peter Pan, there鈥檚 no shortage of contemporary and classic characters. Here are 18 of the most adorable Disney looks that you can buy or DIY. Get ready to say 鈥淎www鈥 in 3鈥 2鈥 1


1. Fear: Can this Inside Out character be more fitting for fright night? (via Desert Chica)

GoGo Tamago and Honey Lemon

2. GoGo Tamago and Honey Lemon: Here are two from Big Hero 6 that will surely be big this Halloween. If you are looking to go the DIY route, just get some superhero attire and paint a matching helmet to get the look. (via Nerdist)


3. Elsa and Anna ($10/$15): Have your dynamic duo go as the beloved Frozen sisters. Whether it鈥檚 building snowmen or a snow fortress, they鈥檒l have tons of fun! (via Costume Express)

captain hook

4. Captain Hook: Let your little pirate take on Peter Pan in Hook鈥檚 best buccaneering outfit. Mini mustache required. (via Babble)

edna mode

5. Edna Mode: Your mini fashionista won鈥檛 want to be anyone else. Let her take on the stylish and sassy Edna Mode. You won鈥檛 regret it, darling. (via Krazy Kingdom)

alice in house

6. Alice: How ingenious is this? Paint a used Build-a-Bear box to give your little Alice a home. (via Misha Lulu Blog)

hiccup and toothless

7. Hiccup and Toothless: Go as either one or both if you have two little ones. Either way, they鈥檒l have a fun adventure. (via Katie Emrich Blog)


8. Belle: Dress up your little beauty in her staple yellow and gold gown. Have a dog? He can be her beast. (via Homemade Toast)

mary poppins alone

9. Mary Poppins: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! This Disney classic is sure to take home the prize in the most delightful way. (via Mommy Shorts)


10. Mary Poppins, Bert and a Penguin: Got a band of three? Have them go as Mary Poppins, Bert and a penguin from our favorite scene of the movie. (via Make It & Love It)


11. Cinderella: All she needs is a pair of slippers and she鈥檒l be ready to dance the night away. (via Homemade Toast)


12. Minnie Mouse ($95): You鈥檒l definitely be able to spot your little lady when she鈥檚 dolled up in this classic polka dot dress and mouse ears. (via Etsy)


13. Olaf: Dress up your youngin鈥 as Olaf, our favorite talking snowman who loves warm hugs. (via Desert Chica)

peter pan

14. Peter Pan: You won鈥檛 want your little one to ever grow up after seeing them look this cute in their green getup. Don鈥檛 forget the moccasins! (via Babble)


15. Rapunzel ($25): Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long (yarn) hair. (via Etsy)

snow white

16. Snow White ($44): She鈥檚 sure to be the fairest of them all in this adorable ensemble. If you have a pup, dress them up as one of the dwarfs for extra cute factor. (via Etsy)

toy story

17. Woody and Buzz Lightyear: How adorable is this BFF or sibling costume? Write 鈥淎ndy鈥 on the bottom of their shoes to complete the look. (via Huffington Post)

white rabbit

18. The White Rabbit: Lastly, it鈥檚 never too late to go as this furry-tailed Alice in Wonderland character. (via The Weisse Guys)

Which of these Disney-inspired costumes will you dress up your kiddo(s) as? Let us know below!