Halloween is a season rife with important Halloween costume decisions. Should you do a group Halloween costume with your besties? Should you opt for a scary Halloween costume — or go the sultry route? Sweet Jesus, what will your dog’s Halloween costume!? Disney is always a good source of costume inspo (I mean… check out this cool Inside Out group) and some of us have been rocking princess costumes for years. This year Disney majorly changed the way they sell costumes to kids and it’s pretty rad.

Disney Jasmin Kids Halloween Costume

Following the trend of Target this Halloween Disney removed gender labeling from their costumes. By removing the classification of “girls” and “boys” sections and just labeling all as kids, the little ones can choose any costume they want. Boys can be princesses and girls can be Buzz Lightyear in a whole new way.

Buzz Lightyear Disney Kids Costume

Another cool thing to notice is that more and more kids of color appear in these ads which is an important step towards diversity. Hopefully some of that diversity bleeds right over into Disney’s movies as well.

PrincessDisney Kids Halloween Costume

It should be noted that the Disney store still categorizes their regular clothes by gender but this Halloween thing is still a pretty progressive step for such a big company.

If you’re feeling the DIY spirit, check out our Halloween costume ideas for big and little kids. Whatever you wear, here’s hoping you have a spooky good time!


What’s your fave Halloween costume from when you were little? Tell us in the comments!

(Image via Disneystore.com and My mom circa 1996)