Naked fashion is all the rage for 2017, with celebs including Bella Hadid,Katy Perry,Kim Kardashian, and the Jenner sisters sporting the racy look. So what could possibly take a nude outfit to the next level? As proven by Kim Kardashian, the answer is sparkle. LOTS of sparkle.

The KKW Beauty creator took to her Instagram stories to show off a ridiculously shimmery bodysuit that leaves pretty much nothing to the imagination. We’re not entirely sure why the 36-year-old decided to wear the barely there look, but hey, she’s Kim Kardashian West. She can wear naked catsuits on the reg, and no one would bat an eyelash.

In the first clip, she shows off the look from to top to bottom. Then she sweeps the camera around the back to give her fans an eyeful of her famous derrière.

The next clip shows what happens when the light hits the thousands of little gems — she lights up like a Christmas tree and it’s just… mesmerizing.

PS: We must know what filter she’s using here, because we need it for the next time we want to sport a sparkly bodysuit at night.

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(Photos via Kim Kardashian/Instagram + Neilson Barnard/Getty)