On Friday evening Kim teased all her Instagram followers with a selfie that was captioned, “I’m cutting my hair tonight. Need to vibes.” While we’re not totally sure what “need to vibes” means (do the Kardashians have their own language now?!), we were definitely waiting with bated breath to see what sort of epic makeover would show up in our feeds hours later. But the weekend came and went and while Kim shared some snaps of herself, we were left in the dark as to the big “after” reveal – until today.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.03.01 PM

The reality TV star recently shared before and after pics that (unfortunately) don’t really look all that different. It looks as though Kim got a few inches trimmed off and had some layers added in. It’s not the pixie or lob we were hoping for, but we’ll admit, it does look a lot fresher than before. Not to mention, the chop serves as a convincing reminder that you don’t have to get a major hair makeover to switch up your look.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.02.45 PM

If you’re ready for a post-summer hair revamp but don’t necessarily want to chop 10 inches off, B+C’s beauty editor Misty Spinney has a few suggestions. She says, “Two quick ways to change up your look without taking off too much hair would be to add layers that frame your face. Or you could also add bangs if you want really to switch things up. If you’re not ready to commit to layers all the way, layer around your face only to see if you like the new shape and playfulness they bring. If so, have [the layers] go throughout the rest of your hair.”

Are you headed to the salon soon? What are your planning to have done? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @kimkardashian)