Emojis as the next big makeup trend of 2015? While that does sound awesome, we’re sadly not here to report that celebrities are stepping out on red carpets with faces contoured with see-no-evil monkeys and lips painted with pink swirling hearts – at least not IRL. However, there are now digital illustrations of stars composed entirely of the punchy digital icons.


Thanks to the new site, Emoji.ink you can now create art using our favorite texting companions. While this isn’t the first type of program we’ve seen with this capability (we’ve created some masterpieces using Chrome’s Emoji Brush), Emoji.ink has yeilded the most epic results. Unlike Emoji Brush, where you don’t get to pick which emoji you want to use, Emoji.ink gives you more creative freedom to “paint” your digital artwork exactly the way you want it.


These three killer portraits of Kim Kardashian West, Larry David and Miley Cyrus were all created by internet artist and musician Yung Jake. Jake is quickly is proving to be the first master portrait artist in the new art medium that is emoji. We must admit, he has masterfully used pigs, peaches, headphones and pumpkins to create what is arguably the most striking 2015 image of Kim K so far this year.


Yung is currently open to suggestions on who he should create next, so if you have a celeb you’re just dying to see emojified, shoot him a tweet!

Try out this fun new website and share your pictures by attaching a link below or tagging us in a pic on Twitter! We’d love to see what you’d make.

(h/t People, images via Twitter)