Good news ladies! So far this year we鈥檙e already seeing spring鈥檚 biggest beauty聽trends in full force on the lovely ladies that attended last night鈥檚 People鈥檚 Choice Awards. No matter what their age, skin tone or style, these celebs all donned simply executed hair and makeup looks that delivered a high level of refined elegance 鈥 that鈥檚 very good news for all you DIY beauty buffs out there! We broke down our favorite looks into five beauty trends, from wine-stained lips to up-to-the-heavens hair, each totally achievable at home and just as wearable. Scroll through to see the best hair and makeup from the PCA carpet.

Warm-Toned Eyebrows


1. Bellamy Young: The Scandal actress is ushering in a new classic with her brow shade. Most women鈥檚 eyebrows tend to vary in shade and rarely match their current hair color, but Bellamy has managed to execute this exactly. The warmth in her brows brightens her entire face giving her a glow to be reckoned with. (Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)


2. Bella Throne: Bella鈥檚 brows are matchy-matchy with the darker hues in her hair, a trick that subtly but effectively ties together her entire look. For a similar effect, apply a powder that鈥檚 slightly darker and richer than your tresses and highlight around your arches to make 鈥檈m pop. (Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)


3. Sadie Calvano: The young Mom actress鈥 brows appear to have a slight auburn tint to them, matching the hue of the babylights on her strawberry-blonde locks, which gives her a slightly edgier look. Girls with growing roots, take note of this beauty trick. (Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)

Metallic Eyeshadow


4. Ariel Winter: The Modern Family actress鈥 eyes are all about that sparkle. Fine blue glitter not only takes her dark lids to the next level, but accentuates her brown eyes and dark vixen lashes. Confined to just the lid, as opposed to sprawling out like a smokey eye, the glitz feels extremely sophisticated.


5. Sarah Hyland: Two words perfectly describe the Modern Family actress鈥 icy eyes: big and balanced. Especially when applied heavily around the inner part of the eye, a light, shimmery powder brightens your gaze just like that. Coupled with the sweeping lashes, which accentuate the outer corner of her eyes, Sarah鈥檚 set get a elongating lift fit for a princess.


6. Giuliana Rancic: Nude glitter is our new obsession thanks to the E! host, who shows that a trace of glitz is better than no glitz at all. Layers are key to this eye look, which creates a gradient from the brown base to that covetable glitter and then finishes with matte off-white powder, creating a shimmering halo around the entire eye.

Dramatic Side Part


7. Kristin Bell: The brand new mom shows off the easiest way to wear this hair trend, both on and off the red carpet. Just pick the side your hair flips toward most naturally and create a short part that starts on your head at the very center of your eye. Finish the the style with messy waves for a look as effortlessly beautiful.


8. Ellen Pompeo: The Grey鈥檚 Anatomy star makes a good case for long bangs with this wavy updo that cascades elegantly to her chin. With this hairdo, it鈥檚 less about the part itself and more about the body you can get from that flip. As you can see, the more naturally the hair falls, the better, so be sure to have a texture spray on hand 鈥 you don鈥檛 want your mane to look too perfect.


9. Sarah Drew: Sarah鈥檚 strawberry locks are classic bombshell curls, sweeping and swooping to glamorous heights all thanks to the dramatic side part, which helps the hair achieve that flow. It might be the oldest starlet-approved trick in the beauty book.

Marsala-Red Lips


10. Katherine McPhee: While others were swooning over Katherine鈥檚 black and white, *we* were enamored by her red. This cool red lipstick, which we鈥檒l call a spicy marsala, compliments her skin tone to a tee, which makes her dewy skin and luminescent eyes gleam all the more. It鈥檚 hands down the best bold lip look of the night.


11. Kat Denning: The 2 Broke Girls star pairs a graphic cat-eye with a just-bitten lip to mimic the gothic romance of her black lace dress and nailed it. If you鈥檙e smitten with her vampy stain, remember that chapped-free lips are a must.


12. Sarah Rafferty: Maybe it鈥檚 the combination of the cool red lip with her fiery red hair, but Sarah is nailing the vixen lip. As with all the women whose lips we鈥檝e lauded, the actress lets her pout take the spotlight against barely-there blush and a delicately inked eye, creating a paired-down look that鈥檚 alluring and timeless.

Up-There Hair


13. Normani Hamilton: Let鈥檚 talk about Normani鈥檚 epic braid. The Fifth Harmony singer is taking the rope braid to incredible heights, but that鈥檚 not even what鈥檚 most impressive about the plait: as it hits the shoulder, it switches up into a traditional braid. From top to bottom, it鈥檚 a beaut.


14. Katie Peterson: Katie鈥檚 take on the modern bouffant is right on trend, and actually one of the most flattering bump ups we鈥檝e seen around. Her hair is subtly shaped and ever so slightly pillow kinked, so that the volume appears much more natural than the bouffants our mothers rocked.


15. Kelly McCreary: The Grey鈥檚 Anatomy star flaunts her natural curls in a sophisticated top knot 鈥 a go-to formal hairstyle for girls with voluminous locks. Kelly keeps her updo simple and sleek, free of hair clips or embellishments because really, that bun is the star of the show.

Which beauty looks did you love from last night鈥檚 red carpet? Tell us in the comments below.