If you’re obsessed with Game of Thrones and would kill to live in the middle ages, we’ve found the perfect furniture piece for your castle — err, home. The folks over at Duffy London design studio have captured our medieval hearts with The King Arthur Round Swing Table. As the lovely Lorde once said, “We’ll never be royal,” but we sure can pretend.

This creative table is not your average dining setup. Not only is it customizable, but the seats are suspended, making every meal or meeting a little more fun. No more getting yelled at by mom while you’re rocking back and forth on those two hind legs. Plus, vacuuming is a breeze with this thing around. We first swooned over this concept while looking for new tables for our conference room. (P.S. We’re still on the hunt!)

Now before you go cray-cray, let’s talk details. The lowest model of this super awesome piece starts at $11,567. Clearly, a soon-to-be family heirloom. All tables are made-to-order, so you can choose to seat 8 or 12 knights and maidens at your round table. Then you can decide whether it should sit out on the lawn or in the dining room. The last decision you have to make? Your wood type (white birch or walnut) and the chair color (black or white).

When it arrives at your house, plan a dinner party ASAP and please make sure we’re on that guest list. Thanks.

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