We’ve seen some interesting and even crazy ice cream pairings over the years. There’s been everything from bacon-flavored ice cream to donut ice cream sandwiches. This summer, New York’s SoHo neighborhood has been graced with a new truck serving up the pairing du jour. Play J Ice Cream is dishing out everyone’s favorite summer dessert, but don’t except to get a waffle or cake cone at their stand. Nope, their ice cream is served in corn cones.


This Korean ice cream treat almost looks like a Churro. Play J’s thin corn cones are served in their signature “J” shape, which gets passersby talking. Maybe it’s because of its resemblance to a… banana. This odd yet tasty treat can be enjoyed in the traditional soft-serve flavors of vanilla, chocolate and twist. We hope they expand their business to include trucks in more cities, so everyone can get on this new ice cream wave.


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