Those Neapolitan standbys vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry will forever conjure memories of festive childhood birthday parties, and remember how cool astronaut ice cream was?! And digging into the original “Ice Cream of the Future,” Dippin’ Dots at the local ballpark? Today’s ice cream makers have taken things totally past the cone to create versions of ice cream that don’t melt, don’t drip — some that even glow in the dark. Check out these 11 incredible ice cream innovations that will make you feel like you’re living in the (very delicious) future.

1. Made With Nitrogen: Arguably the freshest ice cream you’ll get, Smitten has perfected the art of making seriously small batch ice cream right in front of your eyes in 90 seconds flat — using nitrogen!

2. Coolhaus: This hip collection of food trucks took the ice cream sandwich to a whole new level with gourmet flavors like Vietnamese coffee, Peking duck and Cuban cigar and choose your own cookie adventures.

3. Sundae in a Can: If you’re in East Hampton right now, like, RIGHT this very second, you better be spooning the latest creation from cronut master Dominique Ansel. Sundae in a pretty pop art can is filled with root beer and stracciatella ice cream, mascarpone semifreddo, toasted marshmallow, macerated cherries and miniature cherry meringues. We die. (via Design Taxi)

4. Edible Ice Cream Tub: Imagine enjoying a pint of ice cream and then eating the tub, too! Called Wikipearl, this edible wrapping is held together by calcium ions and can include particles of chocolate, nuts and seeds. (via CNN)

5. Astronaut Ice Cream: If you’ve ever wished you could eat ice cream and not have to worry about the sticky drips, then this freeze dried slab of ice cream is for you!

6. Dippin’ Dots: We can still taste this special summer treat like it’s 1996 and we’re about to ride a ‘coaster or two dozen at Six Flags. It’s ice cream that never melts! Not only that, but it comes in fun little colorful balls that are just too much fun to eat.

7. 3D Printed Ice Cream: Step aside, Dippin’ Dots, there’s a new ice cream of the future in town and this one is made by 3D printing ice cream ingredients on an Anti-Griddle (a super chill griddle). (via 3D Print)

8. Alcohol-Infused Ice Cream: SnöBar has successfully created a fun way to enjoy cocktails with gourmet, alcohol-infused ice-pops and ice cream guaranteed to stimulate and please even the most sophisticated palate.

9. Room Temperature Ice Cream: Frisson is a unique sorbet-like dessert that can be stored at room temperature in liquid form! All you have to do is put it in the freezer and a few hours later you’ll be enjoying a sweet ice cream treat. (via Pique News)

10. Ice Cream That Glows When Licked: This ice cream was created with synthetic bioluminescence, which reacts when it is agitated. Yes, this ice cream glows when you lick it. Awesome but expensive; each scoop of fluorescent gelato costs around $220. (via Lick Me I’m Delicious)

11. Color-Changing Scoops: This is what happens when a scientist takes an ice cream class: ice cream (called Xamaleon) that changes color as it melts or is licked. We will gladly be the guinea pigs for this scientific experiment.

Would you try any of these crazy ice creams? Are you still an old school Dippin’ Dots devotee? Let us know in the comments below!