It finally happened. Yesterday Kylie Jenner finally addressed the rumors about her alleged pregnancy by announcing via Twitter that she had given birth to a baby girl on February 1. We don鈥檛 know baby Jenner鈥檚 name yet, but we have gotten an inside look into her closet, and you鈥檝e gotta see it.

In her announcement video on YouTube, titled 鈥淭o Our Daughter,鈥 Jenner gave fans a sneak peek into the past nine months. Among the interviews with her friends and family, ultrasounds, and baby bump progress shots were a few seconds of footage in the newborn鈥檚 closet 鈥 specifically, her shoe racks. Plural.

Kylie Jenner Baby Shoes

Jenner鈥檚 daughter has no fewer than seven rows of tiny little shoes. The miniature footwear comes in a range of styles and colors. There are basketball shoes in pink, gray, black, and orange, and little Nikes in red, white, and blue.

Kylie Jenner Baby Shoes

There are several pairs of boots (what look like itty-bitty Uggs, Timberlands, and Doc Martens), as well as minuscule ballet flats, feathery sandals, Converse, and plenty of Velcro.

Kylie Jenner Baby Shoes

Some of the shelves even have the kicks stacked two rows deep. Basically, the littlest Jenner will be covered no matter what occasion arises. She probably won鈥檛 have to wear the same shoes more than once for the first couple months of her life. At this rate, she鈥檒l be a fashion icon before her first birthday. We smell a clothing line in her future!

(Photo via Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Youtube)

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