If you can’t get enough of the soundtrack from A Star Is Born, be sure to check out the new video for Lady Gaga’s “Look What I Found,” which not only gives us a stellar performance from the award-winning singer, but also includes clips from the film.

As the video begins, we see Lady Gaga as Ally, an up-and-coming singer who writes her own music. She’s sitting in a diner with country singer Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), an industry veteran who’s interested in the song that Ally is jotting down in her book. When he asks her how she hears the tune, she sings it for him and we’re swept into the upbeat track.

In the emotional tune, Ally focuses on finding love at a time when she’s experiencing the hardships of life, singing, “I can’t get myself out of bed / Hear these voices in my head like a song / But look what I found / Somebody who loves me / Look what I found / Somebody who’ll carry ’round a piece of my heart.”

The video ends with Jackson telling Ally, “Yeah, I think we got something there.”

Gaga sings several songs in the movie, including “Always Remember Us This Way,” “Heal Me,” “Before I Cry,” and “La Vie En Rose.” She also took on duets with Cooper, such as “Music To My Eyes,” “I Don’t Know What Love Is,” “Diggin’ My Grave,” and “Shallow,” which received its own video a week before the movie’s release.

Gaga spoke about creating her character’s voice in a sit-down for Warner Bros., saying, “When I was writing music for the film, I had to think about Ally as if she wasn’t me… So I went with a sound for her even in the pop realm that’s unlike anything I’ve ever put out before.”

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(photo via Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Pictures)