It was really touch-and-go there for Lamar Odom for a while. When the basketball player was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel, it became clear that he was in more trouble than anyone knew. At the time, he was still married to Khloé Kardashian, and she remained his wife until he got better. When they initially split and got back together, everyone was rooting for the pair, but now that they’re split for good (and KoKo has changed her name back) and Lamar Odom is out of rehab, he’s talking about his previous life with the Kardashians and opening up about an interesting facet of the famous family.

As the ex-husband of a Kardashian, Odom has a lot of insight into the famous family, and while he’s been working on his biography, he’s touching on a subject that many people regularly call the family out for: their co-opting of black culture, and their almost fetish-like obsession with black men. In an interview with Us Weekly, he admits that while the family does use a lot of black culture to further their looks, it’s clear that any proximity to the family is actually very beneficial to any significant other, such as Lamar.

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He insists that being married to Khloé made him more famous, and not the other way around. So while it’s clear that the KarJenners often use things from other cultures for themselves, it’s definitely a two-way-street for both the sisters and their boyfriends and husbands.

While his opinion isn’t necessarily the only one (or the only one that matters, as this is a nuanced topic), it’s a fascinating take on the whole problematic history of KarJenners and their boyfriends.

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