24 Last-Minute White Elephant Gift Ideas for Your Office Party
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24 Last-Minute White Elephant Gift Ideas for Your Office Party

Whether you secretly dread it or are not-so-secretly looking forward to it, your office Christmas party is just around the corner. While mediocre baked goods and moderately priced booze are office party staples you would rather do without, there’s also the annual white elephant gift exchange, which is actually a total blast. If you’re stumped on gift ideas, we have a list that goes beyond the goofy novelty mugs that are standard (true, we included one on our list, but don’t worry — it’s a hoot).

Read on for our picks for what to get your boss, your over-achieving cubicle mate and your pet-loving projects partner. You’ll be sure to find a hit of a gift with this guide, no matter how many swaps it might go through.

1. Urban Outfitters Maki Tack Set ($8): The one piece of sushi you can keep in your desk for longer than 24 hours.

2. Nala Los Angleses “Monday Blues” Ringer Tee ($42): Wear your beginning-of-the-week angst on your sleeve (literally).

3. Knock Knock “Blah” Edge Notebook ($10): Say what you’ve gotta say with this cheeky notebook, whether it’s important notes for a meeting, after-work grocery lists or, you know, blah, blah, blah.

4. Perpetual Kid Winking Heart Emoticon Paperweight ($13): Even if the stack of paper underneath keeps piling, this little guy will be smiling.

5. NPW Instant Weirdo Glasses ($9): Guarantee a conference room of laughs when you walk in wearing these jokers (just be careful that your boss isn’t sitting in the room too).

6. McPhee Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags ($5): Thwart pesky snack stealers buy disguising your sandwich. Be careful, though — if you use these bags, you might not recognize your own lunch.

7. DCI Grow a Yeti Kit ($6): You can watch this hairy friend grow in one work day. So quick, the office will think it’s a hoax!

8. Moss Love Zombie Terrarium ($38): A zombie containment area for you desktop. Co-workers must approach cubicle with extreme caution.

9. Anthropologie Pet Pen Holder ($13): Here’s a not-so-fluffy desk buddy, because “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” isn’t a thing… yet.

10. Big Mouth Toys “Decaf Is for Wimps” Mug ($10): Show your coffee love in a big way while also throwing shade at that decaf nonsense.

11. NPW Robottle Pencil Sharpener ($6): Attach this grinning do-dad to an old water bottle to collect pencil shavings. It’s an eco-friendly friend from the future.

12. Denik “Y’all Gonna” Notebook ($12): This notebook features some of your favorite throwback lyrics on 75% recycled paper. You’ll surely use it outside, use it outside (of the office).

13. Urban Outfitters Handicorn Finger Puppet Set ($8): This puppet set will magically cure you and your officemates of that 3PM boredom.

14. Uncommon Goods “Nailed it” Desk Organizer ($58): Watch your fingers with this literal and figurative office tool.

15. CULT Paper “No You Shut Up” Phone Case ($30): Let your phone case bust out the sass for you.

16. Papyrus Six Click Gel Pen ($5): Gel pens are back! It’s a middle school pencil case must-have, now a noteworthy staple for your cubicle.

17. It Fils Good “Praise the Internet” Hoop ($20): This cross stitch praises all of your online office distractions.

18. Fred and Friends Rainbow Tape Dispenser ($12): Brighten up a droll document with this dreamy dispenser (you can even make your own double rainbow!).

19. Poketo Tool Bottle Opener ($25): This set has the look and feel of actual tools, but for poppin’ beer bottles. They’re the only thing you’ll need at the end of a long work day.

20. Knock Knock Honest Acronyms File Folders ($9): You keep it real. So should your file cabinet.

21. Interior Illusions Mohawk Dog Bank ($39): No desk is complete without a punk rock bull dog.

22. James and Friends “Loooong Time, No Blog” Pencil Case ($8): Pencils might not be the best tool for blogging, but this cute case is the best for keeping away pen thieves.

23. Uncommon Goods Penny Hockey Game ($38): Get ready for the Stanley Cup Playoffs: Office Break Room Edition.

24. Found by B+C Gold Whale Mini Stapler ($14): This desktop catch will help you organize even the whitest whale of memos.

What kind of loot are you going to contribute to your office white elephant exchange? Share your zaniest gift stories with us @BritandCo!