It’s been a hard and hazy few days since Donald Trump was elected President, and while a lot of us are clinging to the tiniest shred of hope that Hillary Clinton could still get elected after the Electoral College’s vote in December, the reality is that, right now, we’ve got to tackle the potentially bleak reality of a Trump presidency head on.

To name just a very few concerns, many women’s issues could come under fire, which is why women are being urged to consider an IUD before it’s harder to get birth control. And of course, another huge blow America is expected to suffer is a change to marriage equality.

Trump’s VP Mike Pence terrifyingly promised that Trump would do away with President Obama’s order that prohibits government contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity. And that’s why a bunch of lawyers are offering up their services for FREE to transgender people who need to get their legal documents in order before Trump takes office.

Using the hashtag #TransLawHelp, lawyers across the country are shouting out their locations and details on the services they can help with so that those in need can easily find them. Some of the documents that may need to be finalized before Trump and Pence make it near impossible to do are things like legal name changes, new passports and other ID documents. Some of the lawyers admit their inexperience in these particular matters but offer their help anyway, confident they can help whoever needs it.

The hashtag was started by Twitter user @dtwps and has quickly grown to include reps from Texas, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Massachusetts and more. The hashtag is also being used as a resource center, with Twitter user and lawyer Chase Strangio making a thread of some quick need-to-know info and resources.

Some people have already found the resources they need because of the tag. Lawyers are actively replying to questions asked with the hashtag and making it clear just how supportive and available they are to people in need.

The #TransLawHelp tag is a really eye-opening look at communities banding together and helping each other out when it’s most needed. It’s more than just practical — it’s super inspiring.

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(Photo via Karen Ducey/Getty, featured photo via Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty)