Tech has given us plenty of ways to organize our events and deadlines with nifty calendar apps and wearables, but a lot of the really fun things we do aren鈥檛 planned ahead of time. A friend鈥檚 house party. Impromptu picnics in the park. Botomless mimosas on a Sunday Funday. These are all things that tend to be more spontaneous, and they鈥檙e the perfect way to reconnect with old friends. Linute is an app that helps you put spontaneity back into your life and maybe even meet some new people while you鈥檙e at it.


Linute鈥檚 slogan is 鈥淢aking later happen now.鈥 The app is filled with events that are all happening within 24 hours. You can browse by what your friends are doing or what鈥檚 happening in your city, but you鈥檒l only see what鈥檚 going down in the near future.


Tell your friends about your last-minute Game of Thrones marathon or impromptu karaoke party. How about a midnight bike ride? Besides giving you reasons to liven up your life, Linute is a way to connect with old friends or to meet new ones through all kinds of adventures.


You can鈥檛 download Linute right this second, but you can back it on Kickstarter and help the team raise the extra funds they need to finish development, testing, marketing and operations. If the campaign is successful ($21,000 successful), they expect to release the app on iOS in May and Android in June.

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