Finding trending items on Instagram to share with you is one of life’s little pleasures: There are goodies like #siblingtattoos, #fitspo or our very own #iamcreative. But we flipped out when #lipart popped up; over 85,000 people have already used the hashtag on the social media platform. Here are seven ladies who are doing really, really awesome things with people’s pouts!


1. @shireecollier_mua: What’s not to love about a little lip patriotism? Shiree Collier, a Bay Area makeup artist and self-described “Wonder Woman by night” (love!), will make you rethink your daily lip game. Her account is full of her pretty editorial pictures, so makeup junkies can check her out to get inspired.


2. @romyfoxx: Instagrammer Romy out of the Netherlands has done a glorious thing here and used Kylie Jenner’s lip kits to create this next level look. She’s got all the deets in the caption if you’re looking to recreate something so wild and fun.


3. @cherrylipstickmakeup: Sometimes, simpler is better (and by simple, that means only four lipsticks and powders!). It’s easy to imagine this lip look for a fun girls’ night out, or as a really pretty look for a killer Facebook profile pic.


4. @rachiechu88: Marbled cotton candy FTW here! This will make every My Little Pony and Lisa Frank fanatic squeal with glee. Oh, it’s good to note that this lip artist is still in high school, too — meaning talent exists at every age level.


5. @nikkialexis_: But seriously, how do people come up with these cool creations? It’s easy to love the waxy, wet drip of this purple and pink lip, again from a gal who’s only 19. She also works in the teeth a lot in her work — dripping makeup onto and over them — which is a really cool and refreshing way to get noticed.


6. @april_christinaa: There’s a mini trend within lip art of using a black outline, and it’s cool the way mom and makeup artist April has used black here. She puts a ton of geometric shapes in her work; check out some of her costume makeup, too — she totally transformed one woman into a cheetah!

plaid instagram lipart

7. @amandajhayden: Amanda shows that seriously, any pattern, print or design is totally doable on your lips. Who would have thought to put plaid on a pucker? Side note: she also has this killer hot pink hair that’s worth checking out.

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