If you’re new to littleBits, let us break it down for ya. The tech company basically allows kids big and little to easily build electronics as if they were putting Legos together. But their newest (and arguably coolest) mission is the bitLab.

The bitLab is a hardware platform and marketplace that aims to help makers of all ages turn their electronic dreams into reality. In the bitLab, you can submit a brilliant idea by prototyping it, taking photos and creating a 90-second video showing why your module is kind of a big deal. If other folks dig it too, they can vote on your idea Quirky-style. Once you reach 1,000 voters, your prototype will get reviewed by littleBits. Then, the team will choose the most popular ones to manufacture and sell. As the developer, you’ll get credit, fame and — wait for it — even cash from your genius idea.

On the flip side, you can choose to be a supporter of other peeps’ ideas and vote for the ones you think deserve to be made. If your fave gets chosen for manufacturing, you’ll get first dibs and the chance to offer feedback.

So far, there are a few submitted projects that need your support: Oscilloscope, The Bleep Drum and EMG SpikerBox. There are also a couple modules that are already in production: The Makey Makey Module and i10 Touch Sensor.

So what are you waiting for? Get your maker on at bitLab and you could be the world’s next greatest inventor!

Is your inner tech nerd as inspired by bitLab as we are? Talk to us below!