By now we all know and love Quirky, yes? In case you somehow haven’t heard of it, it’s kind of like Kickstarter in that it is a crowd-sourced community where anyone can submit a product idea. Other Quirky inventors vote or give constructive criticism on your creation, and the most popular products are then manufactured! It’s a young company that uses young ideas like social networking and rapid manufacturing to create inventions that the people (read: not a CEO) have voted on! We’re super excited that the founder Ben Kaufman is going to be speaking at ReMake this year! Get acquainted with this awesome company and check out 12 of our favorite things Quirky has been creating lately.

If you’re in SF, you can request an invite to the conference day of Re:Make right here!

1. Colander + Serving Bowl ($40): Why dirty two dishes when you can just use one? This brillant kitchen accessory doubles as a strainer and then the bottom snaps on to create a watertight serving dish. Prep, wash and serve pasta, salad, vegetables and more in this elegant dish.

2. X-Band Storage ($15): For those nights when you’re going out dancing or just don’t want to drag a bulky purse along with you, this is the perfect case. You can store up to four credit cards in here and the bands come in different colors so you can play with some personalization.

3. Reter: This one’s still in the development stage, but we’re confident it’s going to be a huge hit when it’s finally produced. This little gadget clips onto your appliances and tells you how much wattage everything is sucking up via an app on your smart phone. The simple device is ideal for people looking to make their home a little bit greener. (Read: ALL OF US!)

4. Macbook Power Curl ($10): As all of us Mac lovers know, the cable is long, which is awesome but it’s also long which mean it’s not awesome. Seriously, how many times have you tripped over that thing! This colorful case will fit any size charger. It not only keeps the cord neatly wound, it also helps keep the adapter cooler by elevating it. It comes in tons of bright colors, so obviously we’re sold.

5. Earbud Cord Wrap ($2): Someone should calculate how many hours a person will spend untangling their ear buds in their life time because we bet it is a lot. Now there is finally a cool and colorful solution to knotted, pinched and kinked earbuds! Plus, it’s really small so you can just throw it in your pocket or purse without worrying about them.

6. Aros Smart Air Conditioner ($280): Part of Quirky and GE’s new marriage resulted in some pretty cool home tech, including the smartest AC unit. Not only is it a nice small size, it learns your schedule and usage to automatically maintain the perfect temperature for your space. Oh yeah, and you can control it all from your phone. Pretty smart, right?

7. Cake Pan With Tasting Cup ($13): All you foodies will love this one! Not only will you make cake, you can eat it too! Now you can taste-test to your heart’s content without harming the top of your beautiful masterpiece.

8. 4-in-1 Wine Opener ($20): We think we’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for all the wine lovers on our list! This slick little tool is not only a corkscrew, but is also a foiler cutter, pour spout and rubber stopper.

9. Makeup Organizer ($15): You know how much we love our organization, and this sleek holder promises to keep all your beauty essentials standing at attention. It’s capable of holding everything from tiny tweezers to eye liner and fat lipsticks. We love the idea of keeping our brushes out and visible instead of crowded in a drawer.

10. Cutting Board With Storage ($40): This sturdy bamboo cutting board feature three slots for little containers that pull out like drawers from underneath the cutting board so you slide chopped food in while you’re prepping and save space!

11. Mesh Bottom Clutch ($30): We love our beach totes but inevitably they slowly fill with sand and that sand scratches our sunglasses and iPods and other things. Here our problems are solved with a mesh bottom clutch that is still completely fashionable.

12. Zen Desk Organizer ($13): Made out of bamboo wood, this sleek desk accessory would look at home on even the most feminine of desks. Inside the box, little rubber clips keep pens in place while hidden magnets keep paper clips from disappearing into the carpet.

Is there anything you think should be invented immediately? Talk to us in the comments below!