There are a couple things we’ve brought into adulthood with us: our love of all things ‘90s, including some of our neon accessories from the decade, our availability to marry JTT if the opportunity presents itself and our belief that we will someday attend space camp. Our favorite Lego-esque electronic module maker littleBits wants to help us get there (to space camp, not changing your last name to Taylor Thomas) with one small kit for a (wo)man that’s one giant leap to exploring space on your lunch break. Somewhere, out there in the universe, Lance Bass is a little jealous of you.

We love littleBits a lotta bit. They make building electronics as easy as constructing something in Lego-land, but their latest kit is even cooler than that Hogwarts castle you assembled with your little cuz. Yes, it’s even cooler than the Simpsons set. We know, tough to believe, but with the Space Kit ($189), you can make NASA-approved projects and pimp out your pad or office with tech-sessories that will make your friends and coworkers think you’re the coolest big kid around.

And when we say NASA-approved, we mean it — they worked with littleBits on lesson plans so you can make things like the astronauts would… a Mars Rover (!!), an energy meter, a satellite dish, a star chart or your own at-home International Space Station that plays music. Tell DJ Roomba to strap on his space helmet, now you can transmit music wirelessly in just a few steps (and snaps).

If you’re already a littleBits builder, this kit introduces some new modules like one that displays numbers, another with a microphone, a remote trigger and an infrared LED. Answer their call to “make something that teaches something” and learn yourself some kinetic and electromagnetic energy during your playdate — or share this with the kid in your life to prove that learning is just as fun as making. Oh man, in the 2014 remake of The Babysitter’s Club, littleBits would DEFINITELY be in the fun activity tote bags new Mary Anne and Claudia would bring to babysitting gigs.

We tell you all the time that you can be a maker but now you can be a scientist, an astronaut and — if the above video is true — a member of Daft Punk with every littleBits kit. And here you thought Marc Summers was the keeper of space camp this whole time.

Are you a grown up space geek? Have you ever experimented with littleBits? Share below!