Living in an apartment or a small home can force you into coming up with creative solutions to store all your stuff. Even if you’re good about not hoarding things, there are some things you just can’t get rid of. The easiest way to add extra storage is to opt for double duty furniture. These seven pieces have hidden compartments built in so you can stash your stuff and keep it from prying eyes.

1. Storage Ottoman ($123): Use this small tufted ottoman with your favorite reading chair or at the end of your bed. It’s perfect for storing extra linens, winter accessories, or even party supplies.

2. Paul Platform Storage Bed ($2,745): Make the most of your upholstered bed frame with this storage version. The mattress lifts up easily to reveal a ton of extra space. It’s the perfect place for your extra bedsheets or your off-season clothes. Just be sure to include a few cedar blocks to keep things fresh and moth-free.

3. Microsuede Storage Sofa ($559): Similar to the bed above, the seat of this sofa lifts up to reveal hidden storage below. Use it for DVDs, chargers and cables, or extra blankets.

4. Storage Tub (price upon request): There’s a lot of wasted space around your bathtub, take advantage of it with this built-in storage case for your tub. Finally, all those extra cleaning and beauty products will have a home!

5. Brimnes Headboard ($100): One of the most budget-friendly picks on the list. This headboard eliminates the need for a nightstand for rooms that are tight on space. Just use sconces in place of table lamps for reading in bed.

6. Shifty Desk: We’re hoping this one comes into production soon. It’s a desk that hides most of it’s storage from plain view by sliding completely out from the wall. The small drawer in the front serves as a good decoy. (via Daniel Schofield)

7. Storage Bed Frame ($1,199): If you’d prefer not to lift up your bed each time you need to get something, opt for this platform bed instead. The drawers glide easily on hardwood or carpet, and stash away a surprising amount of stuff.

How do you carve out extra storage in your home? Tell us in the comments!