If you were a logo, what would you look like? May sound like a silly question, but if you鈥檙e on the entrepreneurial path, it鈥檚 an important one. When you get right down to it, a good logo is what鈥檚 going to draw someone into your brand, whether it鈥檚 clicking your brand page, wearing your printed brand t-shirts or picking up your business card. You don鈥檛 have to be a graphic designer to make your own, but you can definitely learn from one in our new online class, Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator.

Your instructor Meg Lewis is a creative designer who鈥檚 worked with over 60 companies to visualize their brand identity, and you鈥檙e up next. Head on over to the B+C online classroom to sign up right now!

Meg Lewis, everyone.

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Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

DON鈥橳 expect: to get it right the first time. It鈥檚 A-okay to play around with sketches, typography and color combos 鈥榯il you get it right.

DO expect: to create a logo that鈥檚 richly colored with your personality, makes people want to click on your brand page and leaves a positive, lasting impression.

Here鈥檚 the breakdown:

  • Familiarize yourself聽with the tools needed
  • Sketch rough concepts
  • Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator
  • Trace your logo sketch into Illustrator
  • Make typography and color choices
  • Build your logo into your brand
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Important factoid: You can be bad at sketching and still be great at graphic design. Most of your work will be done wielding the shape and type tools in Illustrator to create a crisp, clean, scalable logo.


Need help with ideas before you make your logo? You can take Meg鈥檚 Build Your Brand Identity Online Class to help you define your business and goals.

Let鈥檚 go, people! Enroll in Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator today. Once you purchase, the class video is yours forever. You can watch at your own pace and reference it whenever you need a refresher.

See you in class!