The see-through style trend hit hard this last summer—think sheer fabrics like flowy chiffon skirts, mesh tanks, and even vinyl collar necklaces—and it seems like it’s here to stay.

Now it’s found a resurgence in the home-wares world in the form of acrylic and lucite decor, where it used to reign as a staple of mid-century style. As you’ll see, buying clear home accessories can be financially challenging, to put it lightly. So at the very least, get inspired by these 20 fascinating lucite finds!

1. Louis Ghost Chair ($140): We have to admit, Louis XV did have a killer sense of style. And when that flamboyance is give a clean, modern twist, magical things happen—like this incredible acrylic ghost chair.

2. Lucite Pencil Holder ($44): Looking for a creative way to de-clutter that workspace? This lucite pencil holder may be your best bet. Its minimalistic design will certainly give your desk or cubicle a cleaner look.

3. Silver Confetti Lucite Tray ($43): Painted silver polka dots pop through the bottom of this lucite tray, taking this simple accessory to a new chic level. Plus, it serves as great DIY inspiration, don’t you think?

4. Lucite Bookends ($245): These vintage lucite bookends transport us to a Gatsby-like time where every last trinket in the home was a treasure. They’d undoubtedly add some major class to any bookshelf or mantle.

5. Acrylic Shelves (up to $24.99): We could go on and on about why you need these acrylic shelves in your home, but here are our top three reasons: they don’t overpower your walls, they by default highlight whatever you set on them, and from afar, they make your trinkets look like they’re floating!

6. Lucite Tape Dispenser ($22): While we normally wouldn’t put a tape dispenser on full display in our home, we can’t help but want to leave this one out for all to see. A sleek, lucite base with gold teeth? How chic can you get?

7. Acrylic Ball Lamp Base ($30): This is a really easy way to work this trend into your home decor. The lamp base’s slender, modern design will work in nearly any living space, and can always be softened with a classic cream shade and a bouquet of sunflowers! :)

8. Lucite Side Table ($295): We love the idea of a completely clear side table. It’s the perfect canvas for cute coasters!

9. Lucite Serving Bowls ($35): Want to show off as much of that new artisan-made, reclaimed wood dining table as possible? These acrylic bowls will do the job while adding a touch of character to your space. Win-win if you ask us!

10. Small Acrylic Drawers ($29.50): These unassuming acrylic drawers are the perfect way to stash your collection of miscellany, like beauty supplies. This way you won’t ever have to search the dark depths of your dopp kit to find the perfect shade of red lipstick you could have sworn was right there.

11. Lucite Deer Antlers ($155): We admit, these lucite deer antlers are hyper niche, but also undeniably remarkable. Plus, they could come in handy for your mythical woodland creatures DIY couples costume?

12. Timber End Table ($235): Don’t know about you, but we’d definitely splurge on this wow-worthy creation. White stenciling acts as a faux wood grain that makes this synthetic table feel amazingly natural.

13. Lucite Magazine Rack ($125): My oh mod! Check out this incredibly streamlined magazine rack. It’s definitely a cool way to show off the beautiful covers of your recent reads.

14. Lucite Monogram Letter ($68): Here’s another way to display your initials. These clear letters would especially make a statement as a part of a winter wonderland display come Christmastime.

15. Lucite Trunk ($1,395): Got junk in your trunk? Now you don’t have to ask to find out! ;)

16. Clear Wine Rack ($40): If you’re tired of your clunky, hand-me-down wine rack, you should try this modern solution. Not only is it super subtle, but it totally stacks to accommodate your growing collection.

17. Burl Wood and Lucite Desk ($2,800): This is the kind of desk you get for your office after a serious promotion. Why wouldn’t you treat yourself to this gorgeous combination of wood and lucite, Mr. Big Shot?

18. Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table ($279): Now this is the way to deck out a modern pad! We’re swooning over the fluid design of this cosmopolitan coffee table.

19. Tobias Chair ($79): Did you know you can jump on the see-through trend at IKEA? These clear chairs are an amazing AND affordable seating option for kitchen tables and living rooms alike.

20. Lucite Candelabra ($95): Want to seriously impress your dinner guests this holiday season? A pair of these laser cut beauties propped on either end of the dining table would surely set the tone for the opulent evening to come!

BONUS:Lucite Crib ($3,600): You know we love our daily dose of ridiculousness here at Brit HQ, so we thought we’d highlight this horrifying lucite crib. You’re baby is not a puppy in a window! Just say no. (PS: Do we spot this crib in Kimye’s nursery? We think we do!)

Would you incorporate lucite decor into your home? Or is this trend too expensive for your taste? Talk to us in the comments below!