Over the last few years, “comfy” trends have taken over our wardrobes and homes, and even our beauty and skincare routines. But while we now own more soft bralettes and athleisure leggings than we ever knew we needed, our sleepwear hasn’t quite caught up and we’re left with either sexy lingerie or faded sweats and tees. Luckily for us, luxury sleepwear brand Lunya is here to fill this void in the market (and our closets) with its collection of effortless, comfortable, and stylish sleepwear. We sat down with founder Ashley Merrill to hear more about her mission to give women’s sleepwear a fresh and modern take.

Brit + Co: What inspired you to create Lunya?

Ashley Merrill: It all started one day when I walked by my bedroom mirror and marveled at my outfit — I was wearing my husband’s old shirt and rolled up boxer briefs. Some might say I had let the wheels fall off a little, and I realized I had picked that outfit based on comfort alone. This realization sent me on a mission to find comfortable, flattering sleepwear, but the only choices I found were uncomfortable, sexy lingerie or frumpy, traditional PJs. The sleepwear options available didn’t match the modern woman I was or wanted to be, so I set out to create Lunya with the simple mission to make women’s lives better.

B+C: What was your background before starting Lunya and how did your experience help make Lunya a success?

AM: I come from a business background in online media, paired with a passion for the arts. In other words, I didn’t launch Lunya to pay homage to a lifelong dream of being in fashion. I got into clothing manufacturing because I could relate to the customer and the pain points they were experiencing, and I basically had to teach myself the industry when launching Lunya. This lack of formal industry background was a challenge (it meant the first line took two years to create!), but it was also freeing because I entered with no notion of how fashion was “supposed” to work. The people who work at Lunya share my appreciation for breaking the mold and adapting the company around the [customer], creating the optimal product for them. We also test rigorously from creation to production to ensure every piece we make is something women will love.

B+C: What sets Lunya sleepwear apart from other brands?

AM: Lunya is setting the new sleepwear standard by reinventing the category on everything from styles and fabrics to construction. We are starting with the woman’s needs and working backwards; there is no other company that takes this kind of responsive approach to design and this enables us to create pieces that uniquely serve our woman. We focus on the often-neglected details like waistbands that don’t ride up, straps that don’t twist, seams that don’t rub, performance fabrics, and more.

B+C: What does the future of the brand look like and what can we expect from future collections?

AM: My goal is to continue to hone in and perfect the line with ongoing tweaks to tried-and true-favorites and to continue to innovate with new fabrics that will enhance the users’ sleep experience. Lunya doesn’t manufacture seasonally but instead launches pieces in small capsules so that each new item is best in class. This year our priorities include debuting new life-altering fabric blends, new silhouettes, and around-the-bed accessories.

B+C: What are three must-have Lunya pieces that you would recommend to our readers?

AM: The Silk Set ($178) and the Pima Sleep Pant ($128) are some of my favorites. The silk set adds a sense of luxury into the everyday chaos of my life. Then the pima sleep pant has a double layer; it’s a classic and always makes my butt look a little higher and a little smoother than it is in reality. Who doesn’t love that? I’d have to say my third must-have piece would be The Robe ($250), an elevated take on the essential bathrobe that is so comfortable you’ll never want to take it off.

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(Photos via Lunya)