Itching to pen a hilarious, heartwarmer a la Nora Ephron… then want to cast your cats Harry and Sally in it… and THEN channel your inner Kathryn Bigelow with an action-packed, white knuckle blockbuster sequel starring your roommates and willing family members? We have a plan that calls for your smartphone and less money than it would cost to see all of the Best Picture nominees in theaters. With this roundup of movie-making app must-haves, get help every step of the way to making your own Oscar-worthy film. Starting at…

MovieSlate: Action! You can’t really make a movie without that thing that you snap before every take, right?! Now you won’t have to. This is the digital version of the real deal (film clapper, guys, get with the lingo) that you could basically sneak onto a movie set with.

Cost: $24.99

Scripts Pro: When it comes to formatting, this app guides you in writing a screenplay that’s up to Hollywood’s high standards. The content is still all you though and you have the option to pull docs in from Dropbox, iTunes or your email. You might not think this is the most glamorous part of the movie-making process, but we dare you to tell that to Matt and Ben.

Cost: $12.99

Storyboarder Toolbox: A helpful step in turning your words or sketches into the perfect shot, this even offers up photo examples of what said shot should look like.

Cost: $1.99

Time Lapse Camera HD: Make dreamy time lapse video that can record as long as 24 hours if you can live without your phone for a whole day. Download the Tilt-Shift add-on for an extra $0.99 to make objects in your movie look mini.

Cost: $0.99

Spark: You know what they say, it takes a spark of creativity. In this case, your spark plus this Spark is all you need to shoot and edit a beautiful movie. We have the proof here. We showed you ours, now Tweet/show us yours!

Cost: Free

Efexio: Add crazy CGI effects and cast dinosaurs, zombies, unicorns (oh my!) and other crazy creatures in your flick without having to pay them that pesky SAG fee.

Cost: Free, though you’ll have to cough up $1.99 to cast certain characters in your flick

iMovie: This app could be your go-to for shooting and editing your entire movie, but it’ll also help you craft the perfect 59 to 90-second trailer when you’re ready for the big reveal. Add text and a score and build your trailer from scratch or choose from a gallery of 14 preset themes, like Indie, Fairy Tale and Scary.

Cost: $4.99

Viddy: You gotta go social with your big project after all, so use this social network to post 30-second clips and teaser trailers for the world to see. Push out to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for maximum exposure and don’t forget us little people and go “all Hollywood” on us after you make your first million. Dollars or views.

Cost: Free

What movie-making apps do you have on your phone? Share your fave below!