At this point, you’re a regular Annie Liebovitz when it comes to snapping a self-portrait, the cover of Vanity Fair (or Instagram, who’s counting?) always ready and waiting to feature the art that is YOU. In the digital selfie’s short history (not including Colin Powell and Jackie O, of course) we’ve only been able to accomplish pure personal portraiture with our smartphones. Now, with the Samsung NX Mini, we’ll be able to use the real deal.

No more grainy grins courtesy of your phone’s front-facing camera, the NX Mini can capture the moment in 20 megapixels with a touch LCD screen that flips 180 degrees to let you see before you snap. You can even set it up to take a picture when you wink at it. And even though it can’t Snapchat them, the camera can connect to WiFi to send digital memories to Flickr or Dropbox.

Samsung knows a thing or two about selfies (they were the brand totally organically/accidentally behind Ellen’s Oscars shot). But it’s not just selfieture that this camera will help you excel in — the NX Mini has a 1-inch sensor, a 20-megapixel lens and can shoot video in 1080p to sharpen all of your photography skills. It gives a h/t to the old school too with faux leather detailing in your choice of black, white, brown, green and pink. The camera is pocket and purse-size, measuring under an inch thick without its lens and only 1.4 inches thick when wearing the 9mm lens.

Toting around a camera with interchangeable lenses means better pictures but a possibly clunkier time than you might want beyond selfie-perfection. To ease the pain of another item in your purse, Samsung NX Mini is creating a carrying case for the April launch. The camera will ring in at $449 and the camera plus a 9-27mm zoom lens and external flash will go for $549.

We tease this type of photography a lot, but maybe we all need to start taking it a little more seriously. Ping us when you see the first selfie-taking class that isn’t being ironic. This camera would be perfect for it.

Do you use a camera other than the one on your phone to take photos? Share your picture-taker of choice below!

(Photos: Lori Grunin/CNET)