Other salted desserts may get all the attention (why yes, we’re looking at you, caramel), but a touch of salt works just as beautifully with chocolate. This collection of 12 salted chocolate recipes will surely satisfy even the most intense craving for the dark stuff. Enjoy experimenting with these rich creations and feel free to play around with different varieties of salt — there really are subtle differences in flavor. Might we recommend adding one of these briny selections from Bulls Bay Saltworks to your collection? After all, you deserve only the best!

1. Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies: A whole pound of chocolate is packed into these fudgey, brownie-like cookies. (via Outside the Cereal Box)

2. Salted Chocolate Diablo Ice Cream Sandwiches: Cinnamon and chili-spiced dark chocolate cookies sandwich a scoop of cooling vanilla ice cream. Feel free to swap in your favorite flavor! (via Ambrosia Baking)

3. Salted Chocolate and Caramel Tarts: Find a layer of three-ingredient caramel tucked underneath a salted chocolate shell. Partnered up with a buttery crust, these tiny tarts are a tasty after-dinner treat. (via Flour and Aprons)

4. Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookies: Chocolate and peanut butter, our love for your delicious combo knows no bounds. With a sprinkle of salt on top and a hidden peanut butter center, these cookies are sure keep the magic alive. (via Tutti Dolci)

5. Salted Chocolate Olive Oil Cupcakes: Olive oil and sea salt give these cupcakes a lovely, rich flavor. (via The Law Student’s Wife)

6. Salted Peanut Butter Honey Truffles: It’s hard to believe that these truffles are raw. Whip up a batch for your sweetie or yourself — you can’t go wrong either way! (via Tales of a Kitchen)

7. No-Bake Salted Dark Chocolate Mascarpone Tart: From the dark chocolate ganache to the Oreo cookie crust, a sprinkle of salt enhances each and every component of this no-bake tart. (via Little Sweet Baker)

8. Salted Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Ice Cream (Vegan): Olive oil and salt are mixed in and featured on top of this creamy scoop of vegan ice cream. The final drizzle and sprinkle of olive oil and flaky sea salt is a fun twist on the usual chocolate sauce and sprinkles. (via Pickles + Honey)

9. Dark Chocolate Rye Banana Muffins With Fleur de Sel: Rye flour enhances the flavor of chocolatey banana bread muffins, adding subtle molasses-like notes. (via Sweet Sugar Bean)

10. Salted Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites: It couldn’t be easier to make your very own homemade Mounds bars. DIY candy bars FTW! (via Port and Fin)

11. Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts With Fleur de Sel: These little bites are basically like Nutella, but before it’s all grown up. Not a fan of hazelnuts? Macadamia nuts, clusters of unsalted peanuts and more would also work well here. (via U Try It)

12. Chocolate Sable Cookies: These crumbly French shortbread cookies are a delicious treat to nibble on any time of day. (via Pretty Simple Sweet)

What salted chocolate treats have you indulged in? Share your favorite bars, baked goods and more with us below!