Last week in our Make It Mini video series, we showed you how to make a teeny tiny tassel tree garland. This week, Make It Mini takes on the holiday wrapping game and makes it *so cute* with a wee stocking gift topper. Add these cuties to all your holiday gifts and tuck in extra treasures (think: money, jewelry or secret notes). All you need for this simple and small DIY is colorful felt, a pen, scissors, glue and a needle with both red and white thread. Once you’ve got your materials it’s time to glue and mistle-go for the win!


Begin by tracing and cutting out your blue and white felt boot parts. Make sure to cut an extra strip to use as a hanging loop later.


Glue along the boot edges (making sure not to glue shut) and then add the white felt accents. Once dry, thread the needle and sew around the outside of boot — making sure to leave the top open.


Add the finishing touches by stitching the white laces and adding a loop to your stocking.


Make all the colors! Once complete, you can hang on your mini mantel or tuck into gift wrapping for a seriously cute mini DIY upgrade. Tuck something inside your tiny stocking for an extra fun surprise!


And there you have it: the littlest stocking full of holiday cheer! If you need a little more instruction, just watch the video below.

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