Bet you never thought the words DIY and Victoria’s Secret would be in the same sentence, but today, they are and it’s great news for creatives and fragrance fanatics. The company best known for its sexy lingerie announced that they’re putting the power of fragrance customization in the hands of their customers starting today.


The VS Fantasies Fragrance Studio, a new special section that’s now rolled out in all stores, lets shoppers create their own fragrances in a mix-and-match format that will have them leave the store with their very own signature scent that only costs $9 per bottle – way less than any designer scent. Shoppers can choose from fragrances like Love Spell (a classic), Coconut Passion, Amber Romance, Passion Struck, Rich Jasmine and Vanilla Lace to name a few — or rely on the Victoria’s Secret starter guide to get inspiration for pre-tested scent combos guaranteed to please. After you make your selections, you’re encouraged to experiment by mixing and layering (layering is key to fragrance combos, you guys) the scents to find their ideal combination. The only catch: scent combos can’t be bottled on-site, so you have to leave the store with two (or more!) bottles in tow and do the DIYing at home. Sure, it may seem annoying at first, but — perfume and pj party, anyone?

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(h/t Racked; photos via @victoriassecret)