Perfume might be one of the last beauty products used before leaving the house, but it’s certainly one of the best. Just like fashion, there are even different styles and trends for fragrances. The only problem? It’s often difficult to find a scent that’s both long-lasting and affordable. To combat this sad problem, we surfed the web and found 15 refreshing DIY perfumes and body sprays that are perfect for warm weather. Summer never smelled so good.


1. Green Tea Sea Salt Body Spray: We’re down for anything tea-scented, especially when it’s reminiscent of the sea and all of those lovely beach memories. (via Hello Natural)


2. Lavender Solid Perfume: Solid perfume isn’t something you hear about all the time, but it’s certainly something special. It’s especially great for traveling since there’s no possibility of spillage. (via Mother Earth Living)


3. Lavender Lemonade Body Spray: Just in case you can’t get enough of lavender (we know we can’t!), here’s another variation on the fragrance. This time, it features citrus. (via Hello Natural)


4. Natural Rose Perfume: This is by far the sexiest of the DIY perfumes, especially when it’s in a bottle as beautiful as this one. Date night, perhaps? (via Beautylish)


5. Vanilla Woods Body Spray: This spray is oil-based, meaning that it’ll last even longer than an ordinary kind. We wouldn’t mind smelling like vanilla for a whole day. (via Poor & Pretty)


6. Jasmine Perfume: It’s easy to get floral scents confused, especially with there being about a million different ones out there. Jasmine, however, is distinct in its sweet and delicate smell. (via Oh the Lovely Things)


7. Green Tea + Cucumber Body Spray: This mist will evoke the same relaxed feeling you get when you drink a cold glass of iced green tea or lie with cucumbers on your eyes. You might want to keep it out of your kitchen, because it looks quite similar to the real drink. (via Hello Natural)


8. Perfumed Vanilla Oil: You only need three ingredients to make this perfume: vanilla beans, jojoba oil and vodka. Chances are, you already have everything you need for one of these at home. (via Jillian in Italy)


9. Himalayan Sea Salt Body Spray: If you don’t have Himalayan sea salt on hand, you could easily find it online or substitute it with a different variety. Body sprays are flexible that way. (via The Chic Site)


10. Essential Oils Solid Perfume: This is sort of a one-size-fits-all type of tutorial. It teaches you how to make solid perfume using any kind of essential oils you might have — and in a locket, no less! (via Go Make Me)


11. California Citrus Sunshine Perfume: This perfume is essentially the definition of summer fragrance. There couldn’t be a better time to smell like citrus and sunshine (yes, it is a scent). (via Hello Natural)


12. Grapefruit + Lavender Body Spray: Seriously, lavender is one of the most popular scents out there. Makes sense, considering the fact that lavender is rumored to be an aphrodisiac. (via Gimme Some Oven)


13. Sandalwood + Vanilla Solid Perfume: There’s just something so appealing about the earthiness of sandalwood. The deep fragrance will make you want to wear this perfume every single day. (via Mommypotamus)


14. Botanical Cologne: This tutorial is actually for two different colognes made from ingredients you might have growing in your own backyard: vanilla rose and orange mint. (via Hello Natural)


15. Natural Perfume: This is about as scientific as it gets, folks. There’s an entire chart accompanying this DIY that’ll teach you the art of heart, base and top notes. (via Vive)

Which DIY caught your eye (or nose)? Tell us in the comments below!