A holiday for eating delicious, rich foods and sippin’ hurricanes? We’re totally all over that. While most places might not make a big deal out of Mardi Gras, we are BIG fans of the holiday. When else can you wear masks and eat donuts all day? If you’re a fan of Fat Tuesday, check out these nine inspiring ideas to make your party the best Mardi Gras celebration in town.

glittery tablecloth

1. Glittery Tablecloth: Yes, it’s another holiday that’s all about glitter, which gives you another reason to pull out that glitter tablecloth from New Year’s Eve. Add some purple and green accents for an extra festive touch. (via Style Unveiled)

mardi gras centerpiece

2. Centerpiece: Got some purple and green ornaments in that holiday box? Give them a chance to shine as your Mardi Gras centerpiece. (via Catch My Party)

mardi gras beignets

3. Beignets: You just can’t have a proper Fat Tuesday party without these delicious, powdered sugar–covered balls. We’ll take two… or fifteen. (via Oh Goodie)

mardi gras drink decor

4. Cocktail Decorations: Serving hurricanes? Dress up the classic New Orleans drink by draping some of those shiny beads around your cocktail glasses to give them an instant celebratory look. (via Everyday Dishes)

mardi gras mask cookies

5. Mask Cookies: These glittery edible masks are exactly what we want to serve at our Mardi Gras celebrations. They almost look too good to eat. (via The Tomkat Studio)

mardi gras masks

6. DIY Masks: Break out all your craft supplies, because you’ll want to use as many feathers and sequins as possible to DIY your own Mardi Gras masks. (via Brit + Co)

paper straw tags

7. Straw Name Tags: Avoid drinking out of someone else’s glass by putting little name banners on every straw. You can definitely do this for every party ever after. (via Every Last Detail)

mardi gras jello shots

8. Jello Shots: Jello shots in Mardi Gras colors? Yup, we went there. (via Brit + Co)

glittery champagne flutes

9. Glittery Champagne Flutes: We began with glitter, so it’s appropriate we end with it. These champagne flutes are too good to pass up for this party. (via Ruffled)

Will you be celebrating Mardi Gras? Tell us all your ideas below!