The pressure was on for Mariah Carey last night. Just before the stroke of midnight, the legendary singer hit the stage as the world watched with bated breath to see whether or not the music diva would have a repeat of last year’s disastrous NYE performance (newsflash: She didn’t). She DID, however, manage to spark 2018’s very first meme, with an onstage moment that had us LOL-ing instead.

As we nervously awaited to find out the fate of the New Year, with many speculating that her performance would be a tell-tale sign of how 2018 would go overall, Carey remained cool as a cucumber (literally — it was reportedly 9 degrees with a minus 4 wind chill).

As it turns out, we had no reason to be anxious, nor did Ryan Seacrest: Not only did girl straight up SLAY two of her biggest hits, 1990’s “Vision of Love” and 1993’s “Hero,” live, climaxing with a round of high notes backed up with a choir that sent actual chills down our spine, she also had an unforgettable, standout moment involving a certain hot beverage, when, around the 2:39 mark in the video below, she stopped to ask for a sip of hot tea.

“I’m just gonna take a sip of tea if you’ll let me,” the 47-year-old quipped. “They told me there would be tea. Ugh. It’s a disaster — okay. Well, we’ll just have to rough it. I’m gonna be just like everybody else with NO hot tea — but we’re gonna try and do this one for you, because I just want to show my appreciation for everyone who speaks out for justice, and tries to make the world a better place.”

Instantly, enamored fans took the web, dubbing “hot tea” 2018’s best new thing.

Not to be outdone, the Queen herself got in on the joke, posting, “Found my tea!” post-performance.

Oh, Mariah — only you! Happy 2018, BB: You killed it!

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(Photos via Nicholas Hunt + Heidi Gutman/Getty)