Martha Stewart is an inspiration to all of us makers. From her innate (and dare we say perfect) understanding of the home, the holidays and beyond, we鈥檝e always admired and revered her expertise. These are all reasons why we鈥檙e insanely excited that Martha is expanding her empire with a new cafe in NYC.

Forget Starbucks; the Martha Stewart Cafe will offer food and drink to fans and tourists from the Starret-Lehigh Building in Chelsea, close to Martha HQ.

The cafe is already hiring baristas, but that鈥檚 about the only bit of info we have. Aside from this initial scoop from Bloomberg, representatives are keeping mum on the story, and there鈥檚 no announced opening date or confirmation on whether the cafe will serve recipes created by Stewart herself.

So we鈥檒l just have to wait with bated breath until there鈥檚 more to sink our teeth into about this project. Luckily, there鈥檚 plenty of holiday decorating, designing and baking to keep us occupied.

Are you as excited as we are for Martha鈥檚 caf茅? Tell us in the comments below whether you鈥檒l be making a special trip to check it out!

(Image via @marthastewart)