The holidays are upon us! That means it’s time to pull out the Christmas sweaters, start decorating the tree and of course, start baking mountains of yummy cookies and scrumptious treats. As all the best chefs know, a cook is only as good as her mixing spoon (or something like that!), so read on for a list of essential holiday baking items that will help you transform your ordinary kitchen into Santa’s kitchen.

1. Vivid Measuring Spoons ($19): These colorful measuring spoons will help make sure you always add the proper amount, which means no more mixing up tsp and tbsp!

2. Baking Sheet ($13): Grab a few in different sizes and you’ll be churning out all kinds of baked goods in no time.

3. Parchment Paper ($6): The debate is still out on crispy vs. chewy, but there’s one thing we can all agree on — no one likes a burnt cookie. Avoid cookie catastrophes with parchment paper.

4. Drop Connected Kitchen Scale ($100): From low tech to high, Drop is the gadget you need in your kitchen to make sure you can always whip up your signature dish — or anything with the flair of a fancypants pastry chef.

5. Rubber Spatula ($1): These are great for making sure every last bit of batter makes it out of the bowl and into the pan.

6. Nesting Prep Bowls ($50): If space in your tiny kitchen is at a premium, kill two birds with one stone by using a nesting set of bowls and measuring cups.

7. Pastry Board ($36): Essential for rolling out the perfect pie crust, this marble board helps keep your dough cool (which makes it less prone to tearing).

8. Individual Pie Mold ($17): Apple or pecan? Or maybe cherry? You won’t have to choose with this miniature pie mold, so go ahead and make something for everyone.

9. Pastry Brush: This brush is so bright, you’ll never forget to apply an egg wash for that perfect golden look on your pies and pastries.

10. Hanukkah Holiday Cookie Cutters ($7): Be the hit of the party with these fun and festive cookie cutters. You should probably stick to just eating these dreidels instead of spinning them…

11. Carrot Whisk ($15): Creating the perfect meringue or bowl of whipped cream can take a while, so make the process fun with a whimsical whisk.

12. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies App ($2): Essential for any baker, this app has recipes and baking how-tos and tips, giving you all the information you need to create the perfect holiday platter.

13. Offset Spatula ($13): A kitchen workhorse, the offset spatula can be used for frosting, lifting and transporting cookies and cake layers from baking sheets and spreading fillings.

14. Oven Mitts ($10): Protect those fingers and that holiday mani with a colorful pair of oven mitts.

15. 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan ($30): Whether you’re going for sweet treats or savory snacks, these pans will help you make enough muffins for the whole office.

16. Stackable Tray Rack ($16): Don’t let cooling racks take over your counter space; go vertical with these space-efficient stackable trays and maybe you’ll have enough room for a home bar.

17. Jot It Down Notepad ($12): Forget jotting down ingredients on scraps of paper; keep your shopping lists in one place with a cute notepad.

18. Flour Sifter ($13): A sifter helps aerate settled flour, which means a more uniform texture in baked goods. Plus, it’s just a fun tool to use.

19. Holiday Pie Crust Cutters ($19): Plain pie crusts are for amateurs. Use these cutters to add sophistication to your treats, whether you’re aiming for the cut-out look or an appliqué style.

20. Kitchen Timer ($8): There’s nothing worse than suddenly realizing you’ve left something in the oven too long. Avoid burning your treats with a fun timer.

21. DIY Apron Kit ($18): Between the melted chocolate and the clouds of flour, let’s face it — you’re going to be making a mess. An apron is crucial to keep the stains off your clothes.

22. Cake Tester ($5): No one wants to cut into a loaf of bread or pan of brownies to find that the middle still hasn’t cooked. Use this cute tester to produce perfectly done cakes.

23. Cookie Tin Labels (Free): You’ve made delicious cookies, so now it’s time to gift them. Use these free printable labels to make sure the outside of the package looks just as good as what’s inside.

24. Mail Candy Labels ($14): Once you’re ready to ship your holiday treats to friends and family, reach for these bright mailing labels to add a little festive cheer.

25. Holiday Mug Kit ($30): You’re going to need a break after running around in the kitchen all day, so pick up a cup of delicious hot chocolate, complete with 3D printed gingerbread cookies. (via Brit + Co)

26. “From the Kitchen Of” Stamp Kit ($20): This cute stamp kit will make sure everyone knows what treats came from you, plus it’ll save you the time of writing it out by hand.

27. Crown Tuscan Mixing Bowl Set ($65): You’re gonna be mixing up a storm, so make sure you’ve got enough bowls to handle all your baking needs.

What are your favorite holiday baking must-haves? Let us know in the comments below!