Whether you’re a cafe queen or just love a good cup of joe, we’re willing to bet you’d love to recreate the experience of your favorite coffee shop at home. And who wouldn’t? The clink of glass and mugs followed by a perfect pour-over is hard to beat. And we may have found the perfect tool for the aspiring at-home brewer. It’s called Pour Lab, and it’s just as gorgeous as it is functional.

The Pour Lab lets you brew pour-over coffee into your favorite mug, thermos or carafe. Just like you see at your favorite artisanal coffee shop, a solid steel stand holds suspended Japanese glass cones, all supported on a solid hardwood base. It’s more than just a coffee maker — it’s practically a work of art.

If you’re not familiar with pour-over brewing, know this. It’s the easiest way to get the best flavor from your coffee, and the easy-to-clean glass cups make sure you don’t have leftover dregs clogging up your system when you switch to a new bean.

Pour Lab is gunning to reach their Kickstarter goal and begin production shortly. As a result, they’re offering the Pour Lab for $150 in a package that comes with all the necessities and some cute mugs and great coffee. We’re sure ready to ditch our regular coffee routine for this — are you?

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