Vino-obsessed gals, we鈥檙e not joking around here: Martha Stewart, the ultimate hostess with the mostest, has a wine club. And literally *everyone* who enjoys wine tasting parties needs to join. The master homemaker鈥檚 wine brand, aptly called Martha Stewart Wine Co., is a line of curated varietals 鈥 reds, whites, ros茅s, etc. 鈥 ready to hit your palate faster than her most decadent cookie recipe. On Martha Stewart Wine Co.鈥檚 website you can order individual bottles for an affordable price point ranging from $12.49 to $24.99, but why would you when the true star of Martha Stewart Wine Co.鈥檚 vineyard operation is the Wine Club? (Our DIY wine racks are ready.)

Wine obsessives interested in joining Martha Stewart鈥檚 club should note that there are two sip-worthy options available, depending on how dedicated you are to the wine tasting game. There鈥檚 the Half-Case Wine Club, which, according to the 鈥淛oin鈥 page on the website, is 鈥渇or meals, movie nights, and romantic evenings in鈥 and will get you six bottles every six weeks. Then, there鈥檚 the Case Wine Club, which is 鈥減erfect for dinner parties 鈥 whether you鈥檙e hosting or attending鈥 and will get you 12 bottles every eight weeks. Once you choose your preferred club, Martha Stewart Wine Co. gives you the option to choose between three 鈥渟elections.鈥 Here, you can decide whether you want all reds, all whites, or a mixed batch.

Each wine in Martha Stewart Wine Co.鈥檚 online shop is carefully curated by Stewart herself and a handful of experts including Chris Hoel, former chef sommelier at The French Laundry. Her inventory has origins spanning from California to Bordeaux, France to Tuscany, Italy. In a statement announcing the Wine Club back in April 2017, Stewart said:

I am excited to bring my passion for wine to wine lovers across the nation with Martha Stewart Wine Co.. Wine has played an important role in that part of my life focused on entertaining and teaching others how to entertain. With the launch of this fabulous online wine shop, I am confident that we can teach consumers how to pour the right wine, and enjoy the right wine, at every occasion.

We feel like we know more about wine already!

What鈥檚 more, with the holidays slowly creeping up, Martha Stewart Wine Co. has a few *wine-tastic* gifting ideas (besides signing all your besties up for the club, obvs). The Martha Stewart-branded line sells 鈥淲ine Packs鈥 for those interested in gifting a one-time case like their Holiday Sparklers ($92.75 for six bottles) mixed assortment or 鈥 better yet! 鈥 their Think Pink Ros茅 ($87.70 for six bottles). We have got to say, 鈥淵es way, ros茅鈥 to all of this. Cheers!

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