As unromantic as it sounds, finding love can be a numbers game — especially if you’re conducting the bulk of your search online. You can have the slickest profile picture, send the most endearing first message, and be at the best possible point in your life to start a new relationship, but if there aren’t plenty of other equally committed singles on the same sites and apps that you are, it’s going to be Struggle City to connect with anyone who feels like a promising prospect. If you’re so #overit when it comes to being solo in the summer, though, you’re about to get some good news. According to online dating giant, the single best day of the season for online dating is upon us. You best be sure that your profile is up-to-date.

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Per a Match representative, the site is predicting a 20 percent increase in activity for singles on the platform on Sunday, July 8, as compared to Valentine’s Day. These stats are based on more than 20 years of data.

Beyond the numbers alone, the reasons for the upcoming spike are multifold.

“There are a couple of factors for this day being the busiest of the summer,” Match dating expert and founder and president of Smart Dating Academy Bela Gandhi says. “The [Fourth of July] holiday and being around family, friends, and couples make us start to think about love again. It puts it back on our radar.”

Per Gandhi, it’s also just a matter of time passing (isn’t it always?). “During the first part of summer, many people think they just want to have a summer fling, but the holiday puts that seriousness back on us,” she tells us.

Picture this: After a few days away with friends and family celebrating the Fourth of July, you return home to settle in before getting back into the work grind. You might take a day or two to run errands or catch up on much-needed sleep, but Sunday night comes around and suddenly, you’re reminded that Monday is mere hours away and you’re starting another week full of possibility. (FWIW, according to Gandhi, Sunday is always the busiest day of the week for online dating.) The next step is a mad dash to your phone or computer to check in on your dating profiles.

And you won’t be the only one!

“On July 8, expect to find great singles online that are ready and commitment-minded and who are looking for love,” Gandhi says.

That news is cause for some extra fireworks this holiday!

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