If falling in love has a prominent spot on your summer bucket list (or your lifetime bucket list), it’s likely that you’re planning to hit the online dating circuit pretty hard over the next few months. And why wouldn’t you? As much as we’re still fans of catching those first magical butterflies IRL, let’s be real: Amid the travels and festivities of this new season, it’s pretty sweet to be able to put those love-y apps to use on the off chance that you can meet a new S.O. and keep up with your awesome summer vacay schedule at the same time. Multitasking isn’t just for the workplace anymore, people.

In order to maximize your success rate as you seek out new potential suitors this summer and beyond, dating app Plenty of Fish (POF) recently took on an investigation of the words used by singles on the platform that are most likely to jump-start ongoing conversations.

“Striking up a conversation with someone you’re interested in can be intimidating, but having proven words that [people] will respond to on a dating app makes for a great starting point!” says Shannon Smith, communication manager at Plenty of Fish. “We scoured through 60 thousand messages to identify the top words used by men and women that actually lead to conversations… we love that subtle compliments make all the difference!”

What’s the key takeaway from the POF team’s legwork? When drafting that all-important first message to an online crush, kindness, compliments, and a genuine interest in finding love really are the key to the heart. As you can see below, the word “love” landed in the list of top five best words for both men and women on the site. People obviously aren’t messing around!

Leading with a compliment is also a strong strategy, particularly in the early convos between heterosexual couples that POF studied. Twenty percent of men who used the word “beautiful” in a first message to a woman got into a two-way conversation with the women they were diggin’, and the words “gorgeous” and “pretty” also have prominent spots on POF’s lists of top terms. Men were just as psyched to receive compliments, though — the words “handsome,” “cute,” and “smile” (as in, “Don’t you just have the best smile!”) all made a big impact in early outreach from women using the platform.

Keep scrolling to check out the top 10 words used by both female and male POF singles. See if you can (genuinely, authentically) work this kind of language into the messages you send on your dating app of choice this summer. It may increase your odds of finding love — or at least lead to some fun and flirty conversations!

top 10 words used by women

1. Nice

2. Love

3. Handsome

4. Great

5. Smile

6. Beautiful

7. Cute

8. Interested

9. Chat

10. Meet

top 10 words used by men

1. Beautiful

2. Love

3. Nice

4. Gorgeous

5. Pretty

6. Sexy

7. Today

8. Great

9. Smile

10. Interested

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