When Tinder was created, it ushered in a completely new way of dating. Now that the app has had a few years to ferment into our culture, we’ve found ways to perfect it. From Tinder’s plan to get you more matches to consulting our moms for tips, we’re more equipped than ever to rack up the swipes. But just when we thought we had it down, the experts at Romancegoals.com created a study that completely changes the Tinder profile game.

Woman taking selfie at a cafe

The study, which researched 600 random Tinder profile pictures from three international cities, examined the factors that contribute to a successful (read: swipe-able) profile. After examining the study subjects, the researchers found five variables that can be manipulated to lead to swipe and romantic success.

1. Location, Location, Location: For women courting men, the best place to take a profile picture is in a restaurant. The study cites that the least attractive location is a car.

2. Solo vs. Squad: Both men and women are most likely to receive a swipe or message if their profile picture is just of them.

3. Focus Point: An interesting dichotomy of the research showed that women optimized swipes when the focus of their profile picture is their body, whereas men fared better when the focus of the picture is simply their face.

4. Facial Expression: It’s no surprise that Tinder swipers prefer a smile, no matter the gender. Here’s a pro tip: Show your teeth when you smile!

5. Clothing: Interestingly, men respond better to women wearing formal or casual clothes, while women swipe more often for men wearing bathing suits.

So here’s the gist: If you’re a woman courting men, take a full-body picture in formal clothing while smiling by yourself in a restaurant. Science says so!

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