It all started with Vaseline and coal 鈥 so goes the origin story of one of America鈥檚 best-known and longest-running cosmetic companies, which began when a 19-year-old entrepreneur noticed his sister, Mabel, whipping up a concoction of those two household items to make her lashes look darker. As it celebrates its 100th birthday this year, Maybelline is taking a fond look back over the past century and celebrating the most popular look of each decade, from the glamorous flappers of the roaring 鈥20s to the fearless femmes of the future.

Being the shrewd marketer it is (don鈥檛 even pretend you don鈥檛 know its famous slogan), the brand has released a limited-edition collection of its best-selling products. You鈥檇 better act fast if you want to snap them up though; the #Maybelline100 line, ranging from classic Great Lash mascara to of-the-moment BB cream, is only available in stores for a short while.


Of course, some of us are living (and loving) that #nomakeup life, while others prefer products that are organic and whose makers give back. When it comes to beauty, all of us were born with it, but for those of us who like playing with color, let鈥檚 give respect where it鈥檚 due: this particular brand has been a master of the game since 1915.

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