We know, we know — you haven’t worn a classic French manicure since you were in college (maybe even high school). For better or worse, the classic look has been put on the back burner in favor of new trends that have dominated our Insta-feed season after season (think glass nails and Aztec nail art). But the tried-and-true style has finally made its way back onto our radar with a new structured look: the mega Frenchie. This bold new spin involves a straight horizontal tip instead of the traditional crescent shape. Take the look even further by opting for vibrant colors or mixing and matching with accents like gems and gold foils. Skeptical about giving the trend a try? Here are 10 reasons why you should.

1. Multicolored French: If you can’t decide which color you want, use them all! Switch up the hues in your geometric mega Frenchie to add dimension to your majorly modern mani.

2. Purple Tips: Give your nails the royal treatment with these purple tips in the new mega-Frenchie style. Make them really stand out by contrasting with a nude base FTW.

3. Red and Pink: While Valentine’s Day is still a few months away, this design would round out a sweet date-night ensemble. Swap in the complementary colors of your choice for endless mega-Frenchie looks.

4. Layered Shades: Who needs bright colors when your nails look this chic in layers of gradient grays? If standout hues are your thang after all, feel free to give the same treatment to shades of red, blue or green for the holiday season.

5. Silver: These nails would be perfect for a winter wedding or holiday cocktail party. Add a line of silver across the base to take them to a whole other level.

6. Burgundyand Gold: Aren’t these nails gorgeous? It’s like each one is a tiny present waiting to be unwrapped! Wear these beauties to your fam’s holiday fiesta and get all the compliments at the dinner table.

7. Mermaid Mega: Create iridescent shimmer with your mega-French mani using glittery pallettes in tones of blue and silver that would make any mermaid proud. Add a metallic stripe down the middle to add even more intrigue to the design.

8. Abstract: Bring out your inner artist in the form of this daring look that pairs pastel hues with minimalist lines. Swipe a matte gloss over your nails to give it a stunningly flawless finish that’s impossible to ignore.

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9. Pink: Give your nails the Barbie treatment with this beyond-girly chic design. Take them to new heights with a swipe of glitter polish and single gold band.

10. Classic Remix: Prefer the classic design? No problem — remix the traditional French mani with a thick application of white on your tips and a small horizontal line across the middle for a head-turning look.

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