Now that Meghan Markle is officially the Duchess of Sussex, the Royal Family has had to update their official website to include a biography on the American-born royal. And while the Duchess’ official bio focuses mostly on her achievements as a philanthropist and advocate, the quote from Duchess Meghan herself is one that’s surprising as an official statement from a royal: “I am proud to be a woman and a feminist.”

While the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s official bio quote addresses the role that parents and teachers have in shaping future generations, and Prince William’s touches on animal conservation, Prince Harry’s official bio page has no pull quote at all — which is what makes Markle’s statement so stand-out and refreshing.

This declaration has many royal watchers excited about what the newly minted Duchess will bring to the Royal Family — an organization known for snail-paced advancement into the future. And although Prince William and Duchess Kate are confined to their roles as the future King and Queen Consort of England and the Commonwealth, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are not, which is probably why she has the ability to make such strong statements outlining her personal beliefs.

With fans of the actress-cum-royal wondering if her title may change her outspokenness and dedication to women’s rights, it’s clear from her statement that the 36-year-old newlywed won’t be changing course now that she lives in a palace. And she definitely has the support of her husband, too.

Back in January, while on a walkabout with her then-fiance, the Duchess was told by a well-wisher that they were happy to see a feminist in the palace, to which she responded, “he’s a feminist, too,” while pointing at Prince Harry beside her. They truly seem like a perfect match.

(Photo via Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images)