While the premiere of the Gilmore Girls revival creeps ever-closer (and while we await our next monthly GG subscription boxes to tide us over), Melissa McCarthy has a few thoughts to share on how she thinks hardcore fans will react to the reboot. Originally appearing on the show as the beloved Sookie St. James, Melissa has been busy starring in her own hilarious movies like Spy and the new Ghostbusters. She took some time out to chat about the Gilmore Girls comeback and has no doubt as to how those who love the show will feel when they finally get to return to Stars Hollow.

Melissa-McCarthy _ Gilmore-Girls

“Amy Sherman-Palladino gets to finish it the way she always saw in her head,” Melissa told E!, referring to the fact that, this time around, we’ll definitely see the final chapter of our fave characters’ on-screen stories. She also added, “When else do you get a chance to do that? I mean, the odds are so ridiculous. You don’t get to redo your ending like that.”

Thankfully for us, this time around they will indeed get to redo the GG ending, or rather, expand upon what we last saw and give us some closure around where peeps like Lorelai and Rory will end up.

Melissa-McCarthy _ Gilmore-Girls

And how does Melissa think those who loved the show so much the first time around will react to the reboot? “I think it’s the right time to do it and I think people are going to be really happy with it.” Happy? That’s putting it mildly. We’re expecting joyous, jubilant and totally ecstatic!

Just when you think you couldn’t possibly be more thrilled about the return, comments like this just amp up the excitement that much more.

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