If you’re eagerly devouring every detail and teaser clip for the Gilmore Girls reboot until that sweet day that it finally hits Netflix, then you’re going to love (and totally want) these amazing GG subscription boxes. Showing up at your door every month with a care package of Stars Hollow delights, this is a must-have for any hardcore fan. From accessories and home décor to beauty items and clothing, you’ll be eagerly awaiting each box… not to mention the Rory, Lorelai and Sookie-inspired wonders they hold inside.


Coming from the nifty boxing peeps over at Lit Cube, the “Stars Hollow Monthly” will show up at your door once every 30 days to bring you a treasure trove of GG awesomeness. Surprising you with three to five items in each package, one month’s delivery could include a cupcake and card while another’s might feature home accessories, a coffee-related gift and even a book that Rory herself would read.

Gilmore Girls

Each box sticks to the theme by collecting items that “relate to, are inspired by, or are artistic renderings of the show and its inhabitants/characters.” Costing $29.95 per month, it’s the perfect gift for the Gilmore Girls devotee you know and love because they will definitely confirm that they NEED a Luke’s Coffee purse in their lives.

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(h/t Hello Giggles; Photos via Lit Cube + Facebook)