Just when we thought there was no food left to rainbow-tize, what with rainbow bagels, rainbow grilled cheese and rainbow mac and cheese (plus these 12 other delightful rainbow recipes), food stylist Adeline Waugh of @vibrantandpure has just gone ahead and proved us wrong.

Making naturally colored cream cheese from ingredients such as red beets, Adeline has pretty much transformed our toast — and therefore our lives — forever with her magical “unicorn toast” creations.

“I don’t mess around with toxic chemicals in my food, so food coloring was never an option,” she told Teen Vogue. Instead, she creates her own from things you likely already have in your kitchen. “I use beet juice for the hot pink, freeze-dried strawberry powder for the light pink, turmeric root juice for the orange/yellow, drops of chlorophyll for the light green, spirulina powder for the light blue and freeze-dried blueberry powder for the purple,” she told the outlet.

Adding virtually no flavor to the mix (really? Even the beet?), it’s really just a prettier way to eat your favorite carb, but Instagrammers the world over are LOVING it, as are we, because let’s face it: Everything’s better in rainbow!

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(h/t Elite Daily, photo via @vibrantandpure)