Anyone can take a photograph. But not everyone can turn it into a masterpiece. That’s exactly what German artist Michel Lamoller is doing. And while we feel like we’re pretty well-versed in surreal photography, we’ve never seen something quite like this before.

It’s no secret that here at Brit HQ, we’re obsessed with creative people who make stuff. Michel Lamoller is one of those makers. His wildly creative mind lead him to create what he calls the “tautochronos” series, which is loosely translated from Greek as “combining time.”

Here’s how the photographer literally stops time: He starts by taking multiple pics of the same place at different times. For example, a tree with a person standing in front of it, then the same tree on its own (sans person). Then, he prints out all the shots, layers them on top of each other and physically carves into them, transforming the 2D into 3D. After he completes the photo sculpture, he photographs it again, taking it back to 2D form.

Scroll down to take a gander at some more of these breathtaking creations.

Lamoller describes the series as “research about the possibilities of melting several moments in time down into one.” We would describe it as, “just plain incredible.” These crazy-cool art pieces tell the history of the space, offering portraits of time more beautiful than even a trusty time-lapse could accomplish.

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(h/t Beautiful Decay)